Place: Calonge

The members of the Fundació Remença XXI are working every year to be able to meet you and we are preparing a Farmer's Wine Weekend full of activities. We explain to you over the course of these days the work we do year after year. This year you will get to know our unique grape varieties and you will be able to taste unique wines. You will also enjoy walks through our vineyards to get to know these heritage elements in the middle of this beautiful agricultural landscape.

The Fundació Remença XXI is currently working with the City Council from Calonge and Sant Antoni to initiate the SIPAM application. We are taking the first steps to apply for the recognition of a Sistema Important de Patrimoni Agrícola Mundial (SIPAM) recognized internationally by Organització de les Nacions Unides per l'Alimentació i l'Agricultura (FAO) and are unique agricultural systems that they have a valuable and diverse agricultural, landscape, cultural and natural heritage.

A step forward to ensure that in our town the work done by farmers over the years is recognized and that traditional agriculture, the landscape and this rich heritage that we have live on.

We will wait for you!

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